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Dmiedit V2 11


dmiedit v2 11

In the code below the DMI string to be spoofed is /EFI/UBNT/BOOT/CMOS. (or /EFI/UBNT/BOOT/CMOS.v2 if you have a second BIOS partition) From a command prompt window: dmiedit.exe [press Enter] In the list of available strings you can select the one you want to spoof: [press Enter] The selection can be accepted or the value can be accepted (to accept and use the selected value), or the list can be accepted (to accept all available values) [press Enter] The string can be accepted and then the entry can be saved to the DMI file: [press Enter] There is also a menu where you can select the name of the DMI file, etc.: [press Enter] If you then go to the NVRAM tab and check the box: [press Enter] Then you should be able to add the value using the GUI: [press Enter] Notice the text beside the checkbox for the name of the DMI file is "DMIEDIT: BOOT" which indicates the program is doing this. The steps above are for Windows 7. Unfortunately I don't have Windows 8.1 around to try it out. Here is a version for Ubuntu. It is very similar to Windows so should be straightforward. Install dmidecode Run the command sudo apt-get install dmidecode Then run the command dmidecode -t 2 to view your bios version. For example here is mine: Note that on this machine I have no second partition but you might get a list of options with multiple versions. Install dmiedit Run the command sudo apt-get install dmiedit Then run the command dmiedit. Note that if you do not have an output file named "DMIEDIT" then you should create it first. Then on Ubuntu you will be prompted to enter the name of the DMI file that you wish to spoof (or use the default "DMIEDIT"). You can then enter a string in the text box to spoof. dmiedit.v2 11 is a newer version but it does not work with Ubuntu yet. I haven't tried it but it appears to work on Windows

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Dmiedit V2 11

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