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We have classes from age 2 and a half, and offer a trial class before committing to a full term. For more information, please hover over the sections below, or download our "Current Information" sheet at the bottom of the page.

The ABC Ballet School classes are all taught using the Cecchetti method. 

"When I was at ballet school we had the opportunity to study several methods in ballet. What I liked about the Cecchetti method was the use of the 'Port De Bras' (arms), head, and the upper body. They all had a place to be when executing the different steps. I found this extremely useful when auditioning for ballet companies.

You had to pick up the steps really quickly or you were 'out'. I only had to concentrate on the steps as the rest of my body followed due to the Cecchetti training. The 'open lines' also helped when performing and I found moving into Contemporary Dance easy because of it."

- Miss Alison

Classes look slightly different at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic: for a more detailed summary of how we are continuing with ballet, please click the link below:

Alternatively for more detailed information, please visit our "Parents' Corner" page.

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