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We have classes from age 2 and a half, and offer a trial class before committing to a full term. For more information, please hover over the sections below to see a detailed description of the aims and methods involved.

The ABC Ballet School classes are all taught using the Cecchetti method. 

"When I was at ballet school we had the opportunity to study several methods in ballet. What I liked about the Cecchetti method was the use of the 'Port De Bras' (arms), head, and the upper body. They all had a place to be when executing the different steps. I found this extremely useful when auditioning for ballet companies.

You had to pick up the steps really quickly or you were 'out'. I only had to concentrate on the steps as the rest of my body followed due to the Cecchetti training. The 'open lines' also helped when performing and I found moving into Contemporary Dance easy because of it."

- Miss Alison


Alternatively for more detailed information, please visit our "Parents' Corner" page.

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