Hello Everyone,

I am optimistic that classes will be back to normal without dancing in squares!  At this point anything could happen by September that is why I am not starting term until the 11th so that I can be clear of the government guidance following the summer holidays.   I will be continuing the one-way system, the use of the hand sanitizer on entry and also any person over the age of 18 must use the track and trace app if remaining in the hall either to take class or to sit in and watch.  I will let you know if we need to also continue to wear masks if remaining in the hall.


I have continued to be amazed at how your children have coped with the restrictions, they are amazing!  I have really enjoyed seeing them face to face again and now can’t wait to come down off the stage permanently.  At last, I will be able to correct by touch, which is so important with something like ballet, just a gentle touch to a shoulder makes it go down and releases the tension. 


Next term’s plans

I have thought long and hard about what to do next academic year, whether to do a long-awaited show or exams.  I am sure you are aware that a show takes a lot of work, over 6 months plus a huge financial commitment.  With continued uncertainty it might be cancelled which would be so hard for all.  With that in mind I feel that working towards a goal, i.e., ballet exams, would be a positive step forward.  Next term’s exams will be Primary, Standard 1 & Standard 2.  The older pupils will do theirs in the 2 terms following.  You will have already received an email if your child has the opportunity to take part in the exams.  I have requested the weekend of the 27th of November with my alternative date being the 20th.  I would appreciate you keeping these weekends free for now until I have a confirmed date.  Tuesday pupil’s exam will be on the Sunday, Saturday pupils on the Saturday.  It is also important they commit to each lesson.


I am so aware that this pandemic has had a huge effect on your children and for some they will still be processing.   I do believe dance has so many benefits that go beyond learning steps - joy, creativity and of course fitness, to name a few.    With the pressure on school, especially for the seniors, it is even more important they commit to coming each week.  Your child’s welfare is so important to me so please do let me know if you have any concerns.


I am also aware that many of you are not on social media and therefore you do not get any regular updates from me.  I put as much as I can on the website so please do always check that,  having said that I am in the process of updating it!  Anything urgent will always be emailed out so it is important you let me know of any change of emails or phone numbers.  If you would like to contact me please either email, whatsapp, or text and I will respond as quickly as I can.  Please note that I am no longer using my landline number.


Coming prepared for class next term

I have already spoken to the girls to say that hair must be in a ballet bun. This means using a hairnet and proper bun pins.  If you can get the thick hair nets, they will obviously last longer.  You have the summer holidays to practice!  If your daughter’s hair is too short, then they must have a hairband that is gripped on securely.  I am happy to give lessons at the beginning of term!  The correct uniform needs to be worn, especially for the exam pupils, which includes a waist band for pupils who no longer wear their ballet skirts.  I will have these for sale next term.   Seniors may wear tight fitting shorts; all tops need to be figure hugging and above the hips.  I believe by dressing the part they will feel the part!


I have found that one benefit of our restrictions has been the quick arrival and exit by all, so thank you very much for this!  I would like to continue this next term especially as the classes will now be back-to-back again.  I did think about having a 5-minute changeover but that would become so confusing for all! The quicker parents leave, the quicker the class settles.  There will be no watching except for the early years classes but once your child has settled, I will expect you to leave also, however,  there is a room behind the stage you can wait in.  Visiting relations are always welcome and we will be able to resume “watching day” at the end of term.  Uniform needs to be pre-ordered and will be ready for collection on the stage, payment where possible online otherwise exact cash in envelope clearly marked.   Seniors must arrive 10 minutes early and use the changing room behind the stage as before.

I will be fitting shoes on the first day for pupils starting tap and new pupils who need ballet shoes.


Duke of Edinburgh

Seniors who are doing their DOE awards may use dance for their physical and they may also assist me with the younger children for their volunteering.  Please let me know if there are any seniors who would like to volunteer next term.

I have some older students who have already offered to assist with the younger age groups.  Miss Emily will be on a Wednesday, Miss Madeleine will be on a Thursday, Miss Anna and Miss Grace will be assisting on Saturday mornings.  



Please check uniform fits before the term starts, especially shoes.  We do a swap system for tap shoes; the 2nd hand box will be out, but you can also let me know in advance and I will reserve them for you.  If you would like to order anything pop it in an email, prices are on the website.  Remember to go one shoe size bigger for ballet shoes.  All secondary school pupils will have split sole shoes which are £14. 

Miss Alison


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