january 2021 // COVID-19 UPDATE

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I trust you had a good Christmas despite the last-minute changes from the government.


So here we are in 2021 still with the inevitable restrictions. You all should have received a detailed email with an attached form to fill out and return at the end of last term. Sadly, I have not received many filled-out forms so do not know at this point what the take up is for carrying on ballet classes on zoom. I do believe it was a success last term and that your child did benefit. Although it was hard work, I enjoyed keeping in contact and teaching your child and am more than happy to continue this term for as long as is needed.

Lockdown // Zoom Classes

Term starts this Saturday the 9th of January, and all classes will be at the same time as last term. I need to stress that I do need the signed form as it endorses the fact that you are responsible for your child’s wellbeing and safety while taking part in the zoom lessons; without signatures I invalidate my insurance!

Depending on numbers on zoom, I may adjust the timetable slightly but will keep you informed and give you plenty of notice.

If your child is not taking part in the zoom sessions but would like to resume classes once we are back in the hall, please also let me know. I will of course adjust the fees accordingly so you can hold off paying them until we know when we will be back in the hall. For those doing zoom I will give you a reduction in your fees next term.

The link for zoom is as exactly the same as before, and has been emailed to you if you need a reminder. No password is required but everyone enters the waiting-room initially and I let them in personally. This enables me to ensure the safety and security of every child in the zoom class.

Choreography Challenge

Last zoom session we learnt my version of the cygnet variation. This was filmed both on zoom and during the final class in the hall. It is now with my daughter Lucy in the editing process and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I would like to give a new challenge to everyone this term even if they are not doing zoom. That challenge is to choreograph a dance themselves! A short, 1-minute dance, to a piece of music they like. This can be any kind of music and the dance can use any style. It may even be costumed. They have all term to work on it before you film it and send it in to me. It would be great if I could see the whole of the body! Once I have all the entries, I will ask my daughter to choose a winner from each age group. Siblings are welcome to do something together. I will of course discuss Choreography with the classes and give them some pointers. Please could you really encourage your child to take part. We don’t need to focus on the competition side but the taking part and having the chance to be creative.

Another part of the zoom sessions will to have the opportunity to have a chat with each other so that they don’t miss out on the friendship side of coming to class. Younger pupils can still bring and share something but if you could encourage them to put it down out of the way once they have shared it. They may use crowns, wings and wands on occasion, also scarfs or ribbons, so always good to have them to hand.

Ballet Exam Certificates

One final thing, the ballet certificates and reports have at last arrived! As I have too many to post and they would require an A4 envelope you are welcome to come at an arranged time to pick them up from my house but please arrange it in advance so that I can have it ready for you!


With that all said, I hope you have all had a good start to 2021 (despite the restrictions!) and hope that I will see as many of you as possible on Zoom starting next week!


Miss Alison

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September 2020 // COVID-19 UPDATE

Finally, after a lot of research, webinars and zoom sessions with other dance teachers, and formulating a risk assessment, I have at last got to the point where I believe we can restart ballet classes!  Thank you for your patience on this but of course things could change at any time!  Please bear with me again as I run through the following essential requirements to enable us to open the school and operate it safely and responsibly in the light of COVID-19 restrictions.

The 'Returning to Ballet' video below MUST BE WATCHED by both you and your child before you return, and the safety measures put in place must be adhered to, otherwise I will be obliged to prevent your child from continuing.  I am particularly thinking of older pupils who will be arriving on their own, wanting to chat to friends they may not have seen for a long while!

Essential points to remember:


  • No parent/carer may remain in the Hall – drop off & pick up only in a one-way system. 

  • Parents must wear a  mask while you are in the ballet hall. One parent/carer only and no extra children.

  • If you have the NHS Covid app, please use it to tap into class. Although this is only a legal requirement for over 16s staying for class, it is helpful if parents also do so. I rely on parents to inform me if their household is isolating so that I can inform the rest of your child's class. 

  • There will be no changing rooms available or changing facilities for primary school children therefore they must change before arriving.  If coming straight from school and cannot change, there they will be able to wear school uniform. 

  • If you could provide them with a chiffon scarf that would be amazing!

  • When arriving there will be a marked place for bag with water & ballet shoes, no tap shoes until further notice. All other bags, coats, umbrellas must stay with parents. 

  • My ballet shoe box will NOT be available so please make sure your child has ballet shoes that fit.  You can order them on dancedirect.com. I will not be selling any uniform.

  • Please make sure your child goes to the toilet before arriving.  Of course, there will be one toilet available that will need to be cleaned down before another may use it.

  • To begin with there will be no pianists so I will need a volunteer for every primary class to stay and also help on a rota.  Please let me know asap if you are able to help in this way?

  • I will be teaching from the stage and will have to remain in my space as do the children in their dedicated 2-metre “ballet squares”.

  • You must check that your child has not been feeling ill that day.  If your child has a cold they will need to stay away.

  • Having watched the video you must make sure your child is happy with what is going to happen.  Please keep reminding them several days before coming to class.

  • If I need to phone you to collect your child early you must wear a mask on entering the building. 

  • PLEASE MAKE SURE I HAVE YOUR CURRENT MOBILE NUMBER, and any change of email address.

  • You must not enter the hall until the time given to you below.  The previous class needs to leave before another class can enter and I will be cleaning between each class.

  • Please note that the windows and doors will be open so we will have to see how this goes when it gets colder.  Make sure your child has something warm to put on.


  • All secondary school-aged children must wear masks while entering/exiting the ballet hall. 

  • Over 16s must tap into class using the NHS Covid-19 app for track and trace purposes. 

  • If coming straight from school you may use the downstairs toilet to change only, not the corridor, kitchen or upper room.  You will need to wipe down any points of contact with wipes available. 

  • You must arrive one at a time and no socialising in the hall.  If the toilet is in use, you will need to wait until they return to the hall before going down.

  • Once changed you come straight to the barre and put your belongings under the barre.  It will be one person per barre (each barre is 2 metres long).  I will have turned around chairs, again 2 metres apart for additional barres so it is important you swap round each week to give everyone a fair turn on the barres!

  • Please could you bring a rolled-up yoga mat, or a large towel, and also a tennis ball, (the pound shop sells them).  If you have an exercise band that would be great.

  • Please note, bare feet are not allowed at any time.

  • If we still have to keep the windows open when it’s cold you may wear a tracksuit but please no baggy tops!

  • Please will you talk to me how you are feeling/doing.  Make sure you have my mobile number and text me!

Staying in contact:

  • I will be providing regular updates on the school’s Facebook page and on the landing page of the school’s website.  Please make every effort to access one or other of these sites as I will be giving you updates on a regular basis. 

  • Your child is really important to me so PLEASE DO stay in touch, especially if you have any concerns and I will of course contact you if I have any concerns myself.  Because of the tight timings and need to clean the hall between classes, I will NOT be in a position to chat to you at the ballet hall. However, please DO email or text me and I will contact you at the earliest opportunity. It is really important I am made aware of any problems or worries your child may have, especially concerning the current situation.  I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be for the children. 





As well as these classes, do stay in touch with us through our social media accounts!

We will be posting new content such as ballet exercise videos, stretching and flexibility videos, home workouts, fun challenges & more!

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