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Term starts this Saturday, the 9th, and all classes will be at the same time as last term. I need to stress that I do need the signed form as it endorses the fact that you are responsible for your child’s wellbeing and safety while taking part in the zoom lessons; without signatures I invalidate my insurance! This form can be found HERE.

Depending on numbers on zoom, I may adjust the timetable slightly but will keep you informed and give you plenty of notice.

If your child is not taking part in the zoom sessions but would like to resume classes once we are back in the hall, please also let me know. I will of course adjust the fees accordingly so you can hold off paying them until we know when we will be back in the hall. For those doing zoom I will give you a reduction in your fees next term.

The link for zoom is as exactly the same as before, and has been emailed to you if you need a reminder. No password is required but everyone enters the waiting-room initially and I let them in personally. This enables me to ensure the safety and security of every child in the zoom class.


One final thing, the ballet certificates and reports from last year's exams have at last arrived! As I have too many to post and they would require an A4 envelope you are welcome to come at an arranged time to pick them up from my house but please arrange it in advance so that I can have it ready for you!


Ballet Letters

Please download and complete this form before your first class of the term. 

*** Fee payments are due by the end of the first week of each term ***


Autumn Term 2021

Saturday 11th September - Friday 10th December

Half Term: Saturday 23rd  October - Friday 29th October


Ballet Fees:

Half hour classes are £90 per term.
Three quarter hours classes £100
One-hour classes £110

Due to COVID-19, we are only accepting ONLINE BANKING - NO CASH OR CHEQUES.


ABC Ballet School

Sort Code: 12-24-81

Account no.: 06342290



Adult Classes & Prices:

Friday Body Conditioning: £8 per class

Adult Ballet Classes: £10 per class



Younger girls - Pink sleeveless leotard, pink skirt, pink tights or ankle socks, with ballet shoes & white tap shoes. Pink hairband if required.

Juniors - Lilac leotards with ballet tights & ballet shoes. (Optional dance cardigans available)

Seniors - Black leotards with ballet tights & ballet shoes. (Optional dance cardigans & dance shorts available)

Please can all pupils arrive at class with their hair in a neat ballet bun!  

Juniors - White T-shirt, black leggings, shorts or tights, with white socks, black ballet shoes & black tap shoes.

Seniors - White plain T-shirt, or black or white leotard with leggings & black ballet shoes. 

Adults may wear whatever is comfortable - leotards can be worn, but fitness clothing is also welcome. Tighter clothing like leggings is preferred to tracksuits, so that we can be more aware of our muscles & posture.

Uniform is not obligatory until the second term. Leggings and T-shirts are suitable until this time, but ballet shoes must be worn. For children aged 4 and upwards, lessons will include tap (school shoes acceptable). Uniform, ballet & tap shoes can be ordered through the School. Please download the order form below & return with your payment to the school: