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ABC Ballet // Award Winners

Usually every other year, to coincide with the ballet show, I choose award winners who have made exceptional improvement in their ballet, and for those who always showcase a brilliant work ethic and determination.

Due to Covid and it being four years since the last show, we have a lot of overdue awards to present!

The full list of winners is as follows:

Most Hard-Working:

Annie Cartwright

Elodie Monks

Arianna Holdsworth

Hannah Collins

Saskia Maxwell Thompson

Lola Belcher

lmogen Malley

Most Improved:

Ottilie Mihaylov

Amalia Derobert-Slatter

Caitlin Thomas

Aneira Reddaway

Ameille Lister Hayoukane

Abrielle Yi Xuan Liew

Clarissa Chan

I am particularly proud of my soloists for stepping out of their comfort zone and absolutely delivering with their dances and performances. They all worked so hard in the lead up to the show with extra rehearsals and full commitment in their classes, and it was wonderful to see them flourish during class and on the day of the show.

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