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100% Pass Rate in Spring Exams!

Congratulations to everyone who took their ballet exams in March - I'm pleased to announce a 100% pass rate! You all danced wonderfully and made me very proud. Also a big thank you to Miss Aimee for doing all of the beautiful ballerina buns all weekend!

A special congratulations to all of my Primary and Standard 1 children, many of whom this was their first ever exam. You all shone and looked like you enjoyed the experience, and the examiner commented on your musicality so well done!

And not forgetting our older pupils who were taking Standards 2-5. I'm especially proud of our seniors who had mock GCSE and A-level exams at school the week prior to this exam and still came to class and worked hard. I can't stress enough how good it is to break up a day of study with an hour's exercise. Dance gives the brain a break doing something different for an hour, releases endorphins which helps with stress or worry, and allows us to stretch out and get moving after sitting hunched over the books all day!

Well done everyone! I've emailed out individual exam results but sadly certificates won't be sent out for a while due to the current lockdown. I'm glad you were all able to showcase your hard work before the school had to close, but we do also feel for those who won't be able to take exams or perform in shows and displays.

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