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Spring Term Choreographic Competition // Winners Announced!

In January 2021 we set a challenge to all pupils to choreograph a dance to a song of their choosing. This could be any kind of music and the dance could use any style, also with thoughts on costume and positioning. This wasn't so much to focus on the competition, but more a chance to be creative, and gave each child a chance to express themselves through dance.

We got some wonderful entries, thank you all for sending me your videos! It was hard to chose the winners, but a few stood out to me and have listed below - congratulations to the winners!

Year 1 – Arwen

Did a wonderful free dance full of movement and enjoyment, even adding claps on the beat!

Year 1 – Mille

Mille's dance was inspired by a book and the interpretation was beautiful using props and costume changes.

Year 2 - Lara || Year 2 - Millie

Lara did a beautiful dance mime with a beautiful costume and lots of props. Millie had such a graceful dance full of flow and poise, with a beautiful white dress and sparkles.

Year 3 & 4 - Athena & Savanah

This was a wonderful duet with lovely bright tutu skirts. It was very polished with lots of steps making it an interesting performance.

Year 3 - Molly Did a wonderful interpretation of "feed the birds" from Mary Poppins. It was emotive, full of expression, movement.

Year 4 – Vanessa

This dance was so full of energy, using the whole body and a lot of movement content.

Year 4 – Iris

A Harry Potter themed dance again with a great use of props and great interpretation of the music.

Year 5 & 6

Josiah & Eliana

Another great duet with wonderful story telling using mime and movement.

Senior – Lucy

This was another Harry Potter themed dance with good interpretation and dance content.

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