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Track and Trace // Covid-19 Update // 8th October

We now have a Track and Trace poster in the entrance to the hall, and hopefully on the notice board outside the hall too. Please download the NHS Covid-19 app so that you can tap in.

Anyone over the age of 16 who is staying for class MUST tap in using the app. Parents who are escorting children are not legally required to tap in, but it is helpful. I am relying on parents to inform me if their household is isolating so that I can inform the rest of your child's class.

I am also going to stagger collection, as I've noticed some parents not able to keep their distance. I know it's really hard, especially now children will be putting on coats etc, but please be as quick as possible so that I can start cleaning for the next class.

As the weather gets colder, pupils will be allowed to wear extra tops/leggings HOWEVER - please make sure that they are tight fitting so that I can still see arm & leg positions & muscles working. I have ordered my thermals!

On a lighter note, here is Miss Taline & myself ready to clean the hall! Pro cleaners, ready to take on Furzedown so watch out!

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