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A Boy who does Ballet // Benjamin Mead

It's always sad saying goodbye to a pupil, especially to those who I have had the privilege of watching grow from a timid pre-schooler to confident secondary student. Benjamin is one such pupil. Despite the challenges that boys often face when doing ballet, I have delightedly welcomed a number of boys over the years. Benjamin has continued to come to ballet despite being teased. Since he joined the school he's taken many ballet exams and had a soloist role in the ballet shows, and I've watched him grow into a confident dancer. We wish him well as he moves to Ireland with his family. Here are a few words he wanted to share, particularly to other boys who dance:

"I’ve been doing ballet with Miss Alison for 13 years - since I was 3. I really enjoy the performance aspect of ballet and being able to tell a story through dance. I was bullied in primary school for doing ballet but after a while, I stopped caring and people stopped teasing me about it. Even when the kids in my secondary school found out, they only teased me about it for a week before realising I really didn’t care! I didn’t let the teasing make any difference to me."

I hope you will all join me in wishing Benjamin all the best for his future endeavors!

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