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Good Luck Ava! // Royal Ballet School

On March 8th, 11-year-old Ava underwent a two day audition at the Royal Ballet School.

The Process

The first round of auditions had over 650 applicants, with Ava one of only 60 that were taken through to the final round. Out of this 60, only 13 boys and 13 girls are offered places at the prestigious school.

The two-day audition took place at White Lodge, and we are so proud of Ava for giving it her all. We have our fingers crossed for you!

Ava's Year

Ava has had a busy year in the lead up to this application process. She has been a member of the Royal Ballet Junior Associates and the Cecchetti Junior Associates for the past year, which has meant her whole weekends are given over to ballet! As well as this, she has also been keeping up her regular classes at the ABC Ballet School & putting in extra hours in the build up to exams and auditions.

Ava's work ethic & determination at such a young age is wonderful to work with - it is truly a joy to be your teacher. We are wishing you all the best for the results of your audition, and know that either way, the future is bright for you!

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